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Category: Recipes

Austrian Linzer Torte

Looking for a delicious, juicy and seasonal cake? This is the ultimative December cake, an Austrian Linzer Torte. The name “Linzer” comes from the city Linz in Austria, where the recipe was born in the year 1696, it’s said to be the oldest cake in the world. Simple and comforting in cold Winter days. The […]

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View these lunch beauties

Do you need cooking ideas? Check out what our chef Reggy was cooking for us this week… Have you already been to our Green Kitchen @ Fountain Plaza? Reggy is cooking delicious and nutritious lunch meals for you and your colleagues. Everyday homemade! We love fresh food and that’s why we try to provide you […]

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Low-carb lunch? No problem!

Are you on a low-carb diet? Or even in Ketosis and you need healthy lunch options? Visit our salad bar. We offer plenty of healthy low-carb & keto choices for everyone. You can find a whole low-carb / keto foods like: a big variety of leafy greens cucumbers artichokes radish eggs grilled chicken breast grilled […]

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Vegan brownie receip

These brownies are vegan, processed sugar free, grain free, lactose free and gluten free. Chewy and delicious, these brownies are healthy and tasty. Utensils: Small baking tin baking paper blender spatula mixing bowls Base ingredients: 1 cup of tahini 1/2 cup of coconut flour 2 flax seed eggs (2 tables spoons of flax seed mixed […]

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Cauliflower rice

How to make cauliflower rice – A great alternative to real rice Cauliflower is such a delicious vegetable and we love to experiment with it. Our favorite thing to do with this fantastic vegetable is to turn it into a rice alternative. Why would you do such thing? Well if you’re trying to cut on […]

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